DESCRIPTION: 32 Count   4 Wall Line Dance
LEVEL: Beginner / Intermediate
MUSIC: SWEET MARIA  from I RIDE A HORSE E.P   by   Mervyn J Futter.
Choreographed for: "Sweet Maria" by The Cheap Seats.  { No longer available. }

Side, rock forward, back
  Step right to right side, drag left together, rock forward onto left, back onto right,

Side, rock back, forward
  Step left to left side, drag right together, rock back on right, forward onto left,

Side, rock 1/4, back
  Step right to right side, drag left together, step left 1/4 turn right across in front of right, 
rock back onto right (facing original line of dance)

Side, & whole turn
Step 1/4 turn left on left, pause, step right in front of left, pivot 3/4 turn 
(to complete one whole turn over your left shoulder)

Side, in, out, in
  Step right to the right(17), pause(18), slide left together(&), slide left out to the left side(19)
slide left together(20),

Side, in, out, in
21,22&23,24 Step left to the left(21), pause(22), slide right together(&), slide right out to the side(23)
slide right together(24),

Step right, 3/4 pivot, cha cha cha
Step forward on right, pivot 3/4 turn over left shoulder, cha cha right {Step R to the side(27)
step L together(&) step R to the side pointing 1/4 turn to the right(28)}

Step left, 1/4 pivot, left cross cha cha
Step forward on left foot, pivot 1/4 turn over right shoulder, cross left foot in front of right(31)
small step right with right(&), step left across in front of right(32)

Begin again